Ascension Programme Terms & Conditions

The Ascension Programme® experience

Genesis Sun have created an edutainment platform where young black people can express themselves, feel connected, inspired and entertained.

At the heart of this are Ascension Programmes®, an extended community network designed to generate a desire for knowledge and awareness of career options in a vibrant, cultural and uplifting environment. During monthly Ascension events, young people meet inspiring relatable role models, connect with like-minded individuals, develop life-skills and experience positive history stories they can relate to.

Uniquely, they include an innovative and engaging multi-media experience that merges live entertainment, kinetic devices and a mobile application to drive enthusiasm and player participation. This mixture of interactive technologies visually stimulates and maintains enthusiasm in a competitive team environment.


Enrolment is free. Enrolment gives full membership to Ascension Programmes, giving members access to assigned Ascension Programme monthly team meet ups. In addition, this gives access to the Genesis Sun mobile application, quarterly prizes as well as giving access to support with education and career guidance, in line with information provided in the enrolment pack.

The benefits

  • Life skills and positive relatable history stories on black contribution
  • Monthly access to relatable role model speakers from a variety of industry sectors
  • An environment where young people can flourish and celebrate their cultural identity
  • The use of modern tools, technology, and techniques to create a desire to learn Opportunity to network with like-minded individuals
  • Supporting future education, talent and career aspirations

Our unique concept

Our uniqueness is our combination of competition, education and entertainment to gamify the experience on a mobile application where we award points for personal achievement. Ascension Programmes aim to create a desire to learn, help with retention and engagement and provide memories and legacies for state educated young black people. Terms of participation We expect all participants to adhere to the following terms and reserve the right to cancel or suspend membership if any of these terms are breached. Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that members understand and accept (and that the participants also understand and accept) these conditions.

1. Attendance

To be fair to all attendees, participants must turn up on time for programme events. Participants are expected to attend all events where possible, but Genesis Sun recognises there may be circumstances that prevent this. If participants are unable to attend an event, they should let Genesis Sun know as soon as possible. Details of how to do so are included in the enrolment pack.

2. Technology

As part of the programme experience, membership participants will be provided access to the Genesis Sun custom-bult mobile application to enable them to collect additional points. Outside organised events, participants will therefore require access to a smart phone or a tablet running iOS or Android. The application needs a data connection uses data via Wi-Fi or your mobile network. For participants to get the most out of the gamified experience it is encouraged they interact with the mobile application and complete challenges and quizzes to help boost and increase morale through point collection. Information and/or analytics captured during programmes and within the mobile application may, at times, be shared with relevant educational or other institutions to demonstrate participant performance and usage trends. No personally identifiable information will be included in such analytics.

3. Mobile phones

Participants will be required to have mobile phones switched to silent during events unless explicitly asked to use them. In line with our safeguarding policies, players are not allowed to photograph or video any of the events or each other. Anyone doing so will be respectfully asked to refrain from doing so.

4. Inappropriate behaviour We aim to provide a safe, respectful and constructive environment, therefore violence, cruelty, bullying and the damaging of property will not be tolerated. Anyone committing these, or similar, offences will be removed immediately from the Programme and required to reimburse the costs of any damage incurred.

5. Supervision and viewing

Parents/Guardians are not advised to attend programme events, as this could potentially impact the participants mood or comfort. Parents/Guardians are advised to wait away from the venue for young people that are involved in events, however the event itself may only be attended by the participant. We are unable to allow friends and family to watch from the venue due to the number of participants taking part in events and health and safety regulations. Our staff are trained, and DBS checked and will be on-hand to supervise for the duration of the event.

6. Photography and videography

By taking part and attending our events, you are agreeing that you understand that photos and videos may be taken during sessions, and you consent to Genesis Sun using photographs and/or video recordings of participants, these being taken by Genesis Sun staff, or by persons or organisations authorised on behalf of it for the purposes of delivering the Programme. Images of participants could be used in any media (existing or later created or made available) including print, physical and digital media formats, but only in line with the consent you have provided on the enrolment form.

7. Membership

There are no fees charged for Annual membership. If a participant is removed from the programme for breaching any of the terms and conditions, their membership will be cancelled and will not be renewed, unless agreed otherwise following a consultation with their parents/guardians. If a participant does not attend for two consecutive events and Genesis Sun are not advised of absence, we reserve the right to remove the participant from future programme events to enable other young people to benefit. If past participants wish to return in the future, they will need to follow the enrolment process again.

8. Safeguarding

It is the policy of Genesis Sun to safeguard the welfare of our participants by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm. We adhere to our safeguarding and child protection policies and, if applicable, will refer any disclosures or concerns to the relevant authorities.

All Genesis Sun personnel are DBS checked, and safeguarding policies are displayed on the Genesis Sun website.

9. Privacy policy

It is the policy of Genesis Sun to collect data for participants attending events and those who have registered an interest in our services. Genesis Sun reserves the right to use this data to report on its services to its members, donators, educational organisations, parents etc in line with consent received.

All such data will be controlled and processed in line with the prevailing Data Protection legislation. Please refer to our data privacy policy on our website.