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A brand isn’t just how an organisation markets itself. It’s how it behaves and the extent to which that behaviour reflects your values.

Partnering with Genesis Sun is the perfect way for any organisation to reflect its values and connections with the wider community.

Your future employees are already engaged with Genesis Sun. Be a part of our journey and help achieve inclusivity, diversity and economic opportunities in your workforce and beyond.

Get involved, pay it forward and reap the benefits!

Our three levels of corporate partners

It takes a special organisation to make the dreams of young people a reality and our Ascension Partners are the lifeblood of Genesis Sun.

The growth and development of young people is dependent on educational engagement and encouragement. Our Growth Partners are committed to developing the education and careers of our young community.

Families are at the foundation of everything we do and this special, dedicated group of partners support our outreach work with parents, schools and colleges.

Thank you to our partners for their generous support


Proud to support Genesis Sun

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Whether you’re an Ascension, Growth or Enterprise Partner, your brand will empower young people to succeed and build a brighter future.

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