Building stronger communities and stronger brands

A brand isn’t just how an organisation markets itself.

Partnering with Genesis Sun is the perfect way for any company to reflect its values and connections with the wider community. We want to work with businesses, large or small, who believe as we do – a diverse, talented and inclusive workforce creates a stronger nation and economy.

We offer business skills training, career and business readiness support to young black people in collaboration with partners.

We exist to fuel aspirations, and to support making goals realities. We know that a diverse workforce brings with diversity of thought, allowing leading companies to better serve their customers, improve their performance and reflect their markets and communities.

Your future employees are already engaged with Genesis Sun. Be a part of our journey and help achieve inclusivity, diversity and economic opportunities in your workforce and beyond.
Get involved, pay it forward and reap the benefits.

Our Focus

We strive to provide equitable access to work opportunities for young black people.

Partnerships with leading companies are instrumental to the fulfilment of our mission to provide pathways to career success.

We aim to improve social mobility and break down barriers to economic opportunity. Through networking, developing the next generation of talent and making connections with partner opportunities, we aim to fulfil employer requirements that serve a diverse nation and reap the benefits an inclusive workforce brings.

Partner with Genesis Sun

We have three levels of corporate partnership.


It takes a special organisation to make the dreams of young people a reality and our Ascension Partners are the lifeblood of Genesis Sun.


The growth and development of young people is dependent on educational engagement and encouragement. Our Growth Partners are committed to developing the education and careers of our young community.


Families are at the foundation of everything we do and this special, dedicated group of partners support our outreach work with parents, schools and colleges.

Sophie Grimberg
Product & Operations Manager
Skills & Learning

Case Study: Hays

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the incredible impact that Genesis Sun has on the next generation. Their unwavering commitment to inspiring young minds and fostering diversity in the workplace is truly remarkable.

Hays sponsored an event organised by Genesis Sun in collaboration with Birmingham City Council. The event was specifically designed for young people in the Birmingham area. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of work Diane and the rest of the Genesis Sun team produced in the lead up to the event and on the day as well. The passion and enthusiasm displayed by the participants was contagious.

Genesis Sun’s dedication to social mobility and their mission to create positive change is nothing short of remarkable. Working alongside them was an absolute pleasure, and I wholeheartedly support their vision.

Thank you, Genesis Sun, for making a difference and empowering the next generation. Your work is invaluable, and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Thank you to our partners and supporters for their generous support.


Partner with Genesis Sun

If you’re interested in developing a diverse pipeline of talent and becoming a Corporate Partner.


ITV Academy has been created to open doors into the screen industry and we're proud to support Genesis Sun and the incredible work they do in inspiring young people. We look forward to continuing to champion their brilliant efforts.

- Sonny Hanley, Director of ITV Academy