Our Focus

Many people can experience disadvantages because of where they grew up, where they went to school or what their parents did for a living. Genesis Sun, in collaboration with affiliates support marginalised groups to open doors who may experience bias due to social and cultural dimensions.

We work with our network of programme participants to connect them to meaningful career opportunities through a variety of affiliations.


We strive to provide equitable access to work opportunities for marginalised groups.

Affiliations with leading companies are instrumental to the fulfilment of our mission to provide pathways to career success.

We aim to improve social mobility and break down barriers to economic opportunity by working with marginalised groups and connecting them with affiliate opportunities enabling our customers to aspire towards prosperity.

Target Audience

We offer business skills training and career and business readiness support in collaboration with affiliates.

We exist to fuel aspirations, and to support making goals realities.  We recognise that a diverse workforce provides diversity of thought, allowing leading companies to better serve their customers, improve their performance and reflect their markets and communities.