Programme Design

Originally designed entertaining educational programme events that connect with our target audience. Programmes exhibit a fusion of motivation, music and entertainment, black history and life skills.

Target Audience

We support young black students in state education and encourage self-belief, determination and achievement.


Our enrolment process is for young black people between the ages of 13 – 16.

Programme Term

Genesis Sun programme events will provide education and career support up to the point participants begin employment. Genesis Sun will continue to monitor personal progress following conclusion of the programme term.


Our programme events will begin in the West Midlands. We aim to rollout nationwide by 2026. Growth plans include West Yorkshire, North West, South West and South East.


Programmes have a small admin fee of £24 per year.

Hosted by

Teamed programme events will be hosted by international DJ and entrepreneur

DJ Day Day


Life Skills

Black History



Confidence Building

Education and Career Guidance

Community Network