Genesis Sun is a social enterprise that focuses on inspiring and encouraging young black people from the age of 13 throughout their education. The goal is to inspire and stimulate fresh and existing talent, innovate thinking and encourage big personal and career aspirations.

To create a stronger and more diverse nation through inspiring, encouraging and promoting talent.

To improve life opportunities and self-belief for underserved groups and transform inclusivity and representation in the workplace.

Create a diverse talented and inclusive workforce, create a stronger nation and economy.


Diane Spence
Founder and CEO

Diane spent over 25 years in the IT sector; working for numerous organisations, including FTSE 100 companies. “During my career, I have consistently found a lack of diversity and representation in leadership positions, particularly in STEM roles and would like to focus on creating positive change and maximise opportunities for all.  In addition, I would like to assist young people to believe they can achieve their goals and work collaboratively to create a desire for knowledge, thus increasing attainment grades and reducing detention and exclusion rates.”

Debra Johnson

Having worked for 13 years in the education sector and more recently in children’s social care Debra is keen to see an improvement in the attainment grades of young, black British people. “I would like to see a change in the curriculum, so all young people are educated on the contribution black lives have made to the progression of our world and to encourage and inspire those that are currently underachieving.”

Taylor Johnson
Social Media and Events Coordinator

As a psychology graduate Taylor developed an interest in psychology and how it plays a unique role in business, marketing, sales and advertising.  “Forensic psychology and positive psychology have allowed me to take on leadership roles and overcome problems.  I would like to use my experiences to inspire others, enhance well-being and happiness and strengthen mindsets.”

We are enthusiastic about our mission and feel energised about delivering it.
The team at Genesis Sun are encouraged to create a culture within our work that promotes creativity, innovation and entertainment whilst supporting our values and beliefs.

We are passionate about uplifting spirits, creating joy and nurturing existing talent through the introduction of our
revolutionary motivational programmes.

We believe that what you can see, you can be, and we exist to make that a reality.

Promote education as an interesting and desirable proposition

Create joy in learning, develop an appetite for knowledge and build confidence

Focus on inspiring, encouraging and developing great young people

Create a healthy peer group full of positive thinking

Shape a community environment who network with a common purpose

Adapt use of social media by introducing imaginative approaches in the education arena








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