We unlock the power and potential
of young people...
If you’re a young person and think your opportunities are limited, THINK AGAIN… If you’re a parent and think your son or daughter
can’t be motivated to learn, THINK AGAIN…
If you’re an educator and think you can’t get the
resources to boost the potential of
students, THINK AGAIN…
If you’re a corporate and think
there are limits to identifying the next generation
of talent, THINK AGAIN…
Above all, if you’re young, a parent or an
educator and want life-changing educational and
career support, THINK GENESIS SUN
Black man talking to a younger Black male

Inspire Brighter Futures

Genesis Sun design and deliver inspirational edutainment events combining diverse role models and industry to unlock the power and potential of young people. Our mentoring programme inspires a new generation of talent into underrepresented careers and broadens horizons.

Our Impact

Events delivered
Young people engaged
Hours of skills & learning
Hours of education & career guidance

Be inspirational

Genesis Sun Role Models

We love to inspire our young community with role models who have a desire to share their journey and raise the aspirations of the next generation.

By sharing your experiences, what you’ll get is the satisfaction of increasing young people’s curiosity, helping them reimagine new career possibilities and the opportunity to change young lives and society for the better.

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