Three steps to achieving with Genesis Sun

Our three steps to achievement are built around pioneering edutainment and networking

programmes designed to unlock the power and potential of every young person,

regardless of socio-economic background, gender, identity and personal history.

Make learning engaging, entertaining and empowering

Activate the power of industry relatable role models

Join networks of highly motivated peers, role models and partner organisations

What do the Three Steps deliver?

  • To young people, they give a roadmap to a great future.
  • To parents, they give practical support and proven success.
  • To teachers, they provide an extended student support network, including innovative learning tools and techniques.
  • To role models, they give you an opportunity to help young people follow in your footsteps and make their own success stories.
  • To corporates, they give a unique and practical approach to young achievement that will enhance your brand.
  • To society as a whole, they unlock the power of a generation.

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Role Models


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