Ascension Programmes

At the heart of Genesis Sun are our Ascension Programmes.

Combining education and entertainment, these programmes are an inspiration to young black people.

They raise aspirations and elevate the confidence of Caribbean and African people in state education by introducing relatable role models at engaging monthly events.

Programme Design

Originally designed monthly edutainment programme events.
Hosted themed Ascension events include a fusion of music, inspiration, entertainment, history and life skills.

Target Audience

The Ascension programme supports young black students in state education and encourages self-belief, determination and achievement.


The programme enrolment process is for young black people between the ages of 13 – 18. Please complete registration to enrol onto monthly programmes for yourself or your child.

Programme Term

Ascension programmes provide education and career support up to the point participants begin employment.

Genesis Sun continue to monitor personal progress following conclusion of the programme term.


Ascension events are currently based in the West Midlands. Growth plans include West Yorkshire, North West, South West and South East.


Programme events are free to attend.

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Hosted by

Ascension programme events are hosted by international DJ and entertainer DJ Day Day.
Day Day is followed by thousands of people across social media for his passion for music, friendly personality and drive to succeed which people are truly inspired by.
DJ’ing since 2009, Day Day DJ’s on BBC Radio WM and has played at numerous venues across the world and has performed alongside artists such as: Nas, Trey Songz, J Cole, Stormzy, Giggs, Mist, Mostack, Yxng Bane + Many More. With his unique hosting skills, Day Day brings energy at events ensuring the ultimate feel-good factor.
Register today and catch DJ Day Day at the next Ascension programme event.

Working with significant high-achieving, relatable role models to inspire, engage and encourage young people.

Delivering life-skills to equip young people for the world – combined with
positive representations of historical figures and their achievements.

Hosted, themed, monthly edutainment events uplift spirits and invigorate
the minds of young black people. Programmes are designed to
accompany young people, aged 13+ through their education.

Hosted by an international DJ accompanied by a resident DJ, the events combine music with digital gamification and incentivisation techniques throughout to maximise learning, enjoyment and retention. Programmes use modern gaming techniques to resonate with today’s young minds.

We provide a community network to share experiences with like-minded individuals. This increased life chances, career options and reach by providing access to opportunities through partnerships.

Providing education guidance and developing life skills to build knowledge, confidence and strong characters. Developing employability skills and enhancing chances of employment and career possibilities.

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