Go ‘digital first’ with Genesis Sun

At Genesis Sun, we are all about inspiration, education and entertainment. We love tech too. And we’re now bringing that combination into the classroom.

Our exciting events are already inspiring a new generation of talent to see their futures differently, and we want schools to benefit from this as well.

That’s why we launched Sun Rise – a series of engaging, interactive and entertaining events to drive teenagers towards a fabulous career in tech.

These 2-hour events, held in schools and colleges, cover everything from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, and Robotics to the Metaverse. In short, all the motivation and direction needed to unlock the potential of this exciting career path.

With the World Economic Forum estimating that 150 million new technology jobs will be created in the next 5 years, young people will be at the forefront, and we complement their curriculum by giving them an edge.

Want to find out more?

Maybe you’re a school who want to give your students a boost with some additional real-life skills.
Maybe you’re a technology business and want to be a driving force in preparing the best talent.
Or maybe you’re a tech industry leader and want to get involved as a role model.