Inspiring young people

We created Genesis Sun to help young people overcome their challenges, and to inspire them to succeed. We place industry-leading role models and speakers within the grasp of young people.

They can see who they can become, and this method allows them to connect with someone who has been through similar experiences. These role models have grown up where they have and experienced what they’ve experienced. Events are held at aspiring venues that are local to you, and we would love your child to join us.

We regularly connect with parents to show how we can help the next generation get the best out of themselves, their education and their future.

Our programmes are a fusion of motivation, music and entertainment. They have been designed to inspire young people, aged 13+ through their education, up to the point they start employment. 

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Get involved with Genesis Sun

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The aim of the Ascension Programme is simple. It’s designed to support your child to reach their full potential and become the person they have always wanted to be.

- Diane Spence, Founder & CEO, Genesis Sun