Genesis Sun Chapter 2: Fuelling Aspirations

Thursday 15th July 2021 – 10:00am – 1:00pm

Event Summary

Genesis Sun is pleased to present Chapter 2: Fuelling Aspirations on Thursday 15th July at Heath Park School. This closed event broadcast across the Central Learning Partnership Trust will be a morning full of inspiration, entertainment and surprises.

Hosted by DJ Day Day, our vibrant and exciting host who will be spinning motivational tunes and keeping the audience engaged.

Presenting our guest speaker, Cordell Jeffers, award winning entrepreneur, mindset coach and motivational speaker.  Cordell will share his exciting life journey, how he used his life experiences to drive his business success and why he believes anything is possible if you possess the right mindset.

Participants will get involved with an innovative digital simulation game, solve real life problems and work as a team to win some amazing prizes courtesy of ServiceNow NextGen.

Genesis Sun aim to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace by fuelling young people’s aspirations and supporting them to find great opportunities.

Follow our journey to inspire brighter futures for our young community genesissunuk