We will work with schools to provide student support and to uplift the attainment grades of young black students.  By combining education, entertainment and through building positive characters in a pioneering setting, we aim to improve attention and motivation levels for this demographic.

Inspirational Role Models

Our belief is that by sharing their journey and experiences, external role models play a pivotal role in providing motivation and stimulate curiosity and interest. Genesis Sun will work with speakers who are inspirational in nature and have a desire to motivate young people to be the best version of themselves.  External role models empower young people to aspire to succeed in their chosen field and to think big. We will work with role models from the world of business, entertainment, music, film, sport, science and politics amongst others.  Collectively, we aim to inspire disengaged state educated young people.

Parents, Guardians and Our young Community

Genesis Sun will offer external motivation to assist young people unlock their potential.  Our programmes will provide young people the opportunity to reach a diverse range of role models, who work in a variety of fields.  This will provide scope to our programme participants on what they can become. Additionally, it will provide the opportunity to expand minds with access to knowledge and experiences that may not ordinarily be available.


Genesis Sun partner with organisations who would like support to successfully deliver their equality, diversity and inclusion goals and want to join Genesis Sun on our mission to create a truly diverse workforce. We welcome your support and contributions to our mission, interest in providing volunteer inspirational speakers, work experience, skills training, apprenticeships, career advice and pathways for our community network.

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