Jemima, Participant

“I appreciate Genesis Sun so much. Diane has helped me with my CV and has got me to a place where I can now apply for jobs. Thank you so much Genesis Sun for all your support.”

Kiahna, Participant

“The events are always great. In my opinion there is nothing that can be done to make them any better because it’s 10 out of 10 every time and I love the consistency. I can’t wait for the next one”

Precious, Participant

“The Ascension programme creates a safe, welcoming environment where friendships are formed and history is taught. The programme makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger and something amazing, I feel extremely privileged to attend.”

Grace, Participant

“The Summer Ascension event has been the highlight of my summer. I liked everything about it and wish it was longer.”

st4rzforav, on Instagram

"Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of something amazing ❤️"

Shaunte, Participant

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was engaging, educational and fun. I don't think anything can be improved.”

Rob, Parent

“Genesis Sun is a positive influence on my son's life. They are showing him that no matter who you are, you have chance to succeed if you are determined and apply yourself correctly.”

Rachel, Parent

"I cannot praise the programme enough, Genesis Sun has given my son a safe space to explore his ambitions and dreams with his peers and network with professionals. Teaching life skills, employability, history and cultural heritage along the way, as well as having fun. Thank you Genesis Sun for your part in shaping a more confident and conscientious young man."

Oliver, Participant

“Thank you so much for the opportunity of presenting and for supporting me in my Aviation journey through Genesis Sun.”

Andy Holmes, Board Member

“It's been an enormous privilege to be involved with Genesis Sun, and to see the real difference that Ascension events make to participants. The dynamism and enthusiasm of the Genesis Sun team is a joy to behold, as is the engagement and ambition of all the young people that keep coming back again and again to these fantastic inspiring events.”

Kyle, Participant

“Events are totally amazing, I love Genesis Sun.”

Jada, Participant

“The activities, games, environment, music, branding and hospitality are all great.”

T Rose, Parent

“This is wonderful programme. I hope it continues to grow and grow and eventually to have Genesis Sun all over the UK.”

Dr Peter Hughes

“Role models, practical solutions and engaging programmes are essential to inspiring young people from minority communities and nobody does that work better than Genesis Sun.”

Reo, Participant

“Genesis Sun has been life changing for me. It has given me the environment I need to find myself and alter my mindset to be able to pursue my interests in my day to day life.”

Taylor, Participant

“Genesis Sun’s Ascension events are a great way to bring likeminded people and youths together, who have been indoors and on electronic devices for some time who can now get out of the house and feel inspired.”

Patricia, Wolverhampton

“As predicted, my son thoroughly enjoyed himself and is looking forward to next month’s session”.

Nina, Wolverhampton

“An awesome evening and event”.

Bal Lola

“By blending a combination of inspiration, entertainment and competition the Genesis Sun team, including guest speaker Cordell Jeffers kicked off a programme which will Inspire Brighter Futures”.

Kyle - Participant

“I thought it was great the programme was amazing, especially when one person stepped up and performed”

Kyrah - Student

"Genesis Sun programmes sound so modern, I would love to attend more of them in the future."

Naima - Student

"A really interesting experience, I enjoyed the carnival project it brought out the creative side of me. Love it."

Deequasan - Student

"I really liked the carnival project and the experience. I enjoyed it a lot."

Kishan - Student

"I love the idea and the theme, I wish I participated more in the wearing of costumes and I am really grateful for the experience Genesis Sun provided."

Year 10 Student at CLPT

"As a young person I am always using my phone however I had not thought about a career in technology. The talk from Faez today really got me thinking."

Year 9 student at CLPT

"I hadn't done anything like the digital simulation game before. It was great to solve problems and work as a team."

Year 9 Student at CLPT

"It was fabulous to receive iPads for second place. We were recognised by our teammates as hardworking and driven. We created a team working environment to complete the digital simulation game in time."

Mr Mincher - Moseley Park

"The amount of knowledge and inspiration our students have had in a short period of time is a testament of Genesis Sun’s passion to inspire Students."

Year 8 Student at Moseley Park School

"I feel really excited about working with Genesis Sun and I am delighted to have won an iPad."

Year 8 Student at Moseley Park School

"The way the motivational speaker related to the audience was moving and inspiring."

Tyra Production Team

"It was a pleasure to work with Genesis Sun. I would love to be involved as much as I can. I loved the whole events, its absolutely amazing what Genesis Sun are doing!"

Isaac Genesis - Sun volunteer

"I didn’t know about the ServiceNow NextGen programme until I went to the Genesis Sun event. I’m really keen to get onto the Degree Apprenticeship and begin to learn more about technology whilst working in the industry. The digital simulation game was amazing. A great event."

Georgetta Holloway OBE - Executive Headteacher CLPT

"The event was inspiring and packed with useful information. The students could relate to the role models who spoke and from talking to the group, they found the whole event empowering. As an added bonus the prizes awarded were wonderful and very well received. The students were thrilled with the event Genesis Sun delivered. Thank you for a truly incredible opportunity."

Diane Spence CEO and founder

"It was a pleasure to deliver Genesis Sun Fuelling Aspirations to part of the Central Learning Partnership Trust on 15th July 2021. The event was broadcast from Heath Park as a hybrid event with two further schools Moseley Park and Coppice joining remotely. It was wonderful to see the delight in the faces of the young people, generated from our vibrant Host DJ Day Day and our award winning speaker Cordell Jeffers. The pinnacle of the event was the joy shown by the winners of the Digital Simulation game upon being awarded surprise iPads from ServiceNow who partnered with us to deliver something truly spectacular on the day. We aim to continue inspiring brighter futures and delighting our community to reach their full potential. A great morning."

Heath Park Student – IN

"Yesterday was a great eye-opening experience. I am grateful that I was able to take part in the Genesis Sun Fuelling Aspirations event. The event inspired me and the game helped me and my team improve our problem-solving skills. The music was enjoyable, and the energy was amazing. The anecdote was relatable, so we connected with the host. I am extremely grateful for the iPad even though it was a shocking surprise. I would definitely do it again."

Heath Park Student – TM

"I am very grateful that I was able to participate in the Genesis Sun event. From this workshop, I undertook a lot of powerful and inspiring information. The talk with Cordell was motivational. He really spoke the truth. I enjoyed the task they gave us where we worked as a team and powered through challenges. I am happy with the prize I received as I feel as though even with the good information, they gave me they topped it off with the iPad."

Heath Park Student – NB

"I think opening with motivational speakers and black people that have succeeded in their own way immediately engages participants. For me, it got me thinking about my career and how I’d lead my life to optimise my options. The inclusion of the business simulator was also extremely engaging. Overall, I believe the experience was nothing but positive and I'd encourage other young black people to take part in any events organised."

Heath Park Student – BH

"I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and I was glad to have the opportunity to participate in this workshop. I found the motivational speech very inspiring and would like to experience more of this."

Heath Park Student – LW

"My experience was really good, the music and hosts were very friendly and made me feel comfortable in the environment. Cordell Jeffers was very inspirational when he was telling us his backstory and road to success, it made me feel like I could achieve my main goal for when I'm older. Overall, the workshop was really entertaining and engaging due to them letting us play a game to see if we could run our own business. We are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be involved."

Kiya Molineux sales and hospitality team

"An amazing event run by amazing people! I really enjoyed myself it was emotional but nice to be able to see diverse and black leaders in and around the community."

Lucy Molineux sales and hospitality team

"It was great to see the young people getting to hear from someone like Cordell Jeffers who they could relate to and who had a real, believable, achievable success story that had ups and downs rather than it just being an easy fairy-tale road to success. The game was a great way to engage them and teach them about work ethic."

Hana Molineux sales and hospitality team

"I was so pleased to be able to attend the event yesterday, It was inspiring to see all of the great work that Genesis Sun do."

Angela Molineux sales and hospitality team

"What an inspiring event! It was great to see the young people so engaged. It started a bigger conversation when we got back to the office and really made us think."

Kaiden – Moseley Park

"I felt confident to talk about my Music within the Genesis Sun Focus Group."

Emmanuel – Moseley Park

"I’m excited to be learning different things."

Isis – Moseley Park

"I’m Inspired by the people at Genesis Sun who are trying to help."

Hannah – Moseley Park

"I really enjoyed the Genesis Sun Focus Group."

Javarni – St Matthias School

"This has been a very uplifting and energising event, I was glad I was invited to be a part of it."

Ashfaq – St Matthias School

"It’s been motivational seeing others that took so long to make it and they still kept trying."

Godwin – St Matthias School

"The event made me think that I want to achieve all my goals."

Mufadzi - Coppice School

"Really exciting to be amongst so many like-minded people. I really enjoyed it."

Brooke - Coppice School

"Fabulous experience, really nice to be in an inclusive environment."

Tanay - Coppice School

"The morning with Genesis Sun empowered me to dream big."

Roman, Alan, Jaydon - Coppice School

"We really enjoyed being in a group of people who we could relate to. It was a great morning. Can’t wait for the next session."

Nashawn - Coppice School

"I feel more comfortable and open minded in this environment, the visit from Genesis Sun made me open up."

Nakhira, Meeka - Coppice School

"It was lovely to have more melanin popping in our school this morning provided by Genesis Sun, it was a fabulous morning."

Graft and GCO

"Working with Genesis Sun has been such a wholesome experience. Swift and clear communication topped with fun, laughter and positive vibes! An amazing enterprise with a great ethos. All the best for the future and we hope to work with you again soon."

Andrea Merchant

"As a mental health practitioner working with young people, I was delighted to attend the first Genesis Sun event which inspires and supports young black people to achieve and be inspired to reach higher goals.  The event was put together fantastically, I look forward to the next one."

Michael Johnson

"The first Genesis Sun event was excellent! It was great to see so many inspirational people. I know that Genesis Sun will be beneficial for so many young black people to help them reach their goals. I am excited to see what happens next."

Uel and Beverley Knight

"Genesis Sun has done an amazing job with this first event.  We are very proud of what you’ve achieved.  You will always have our full support."

Mark Hankin

"I was really impressed with all the contributors and the event as a whole.  The DJ hosting the event helped to stitch it together which was great - fab idea, especially how he gave key takeaways from each segment.  Cordell brought a tear to my eye and it was fascinating to see Darren’s more corporate view of focus, passion and belief echoing through the other presenters.  Amazing."

Keaton Hemmings

"I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I logged into the event. I like to support people who are making changes in their community so I registered. I was surprised! I found it very motivating. It was so good to see black people who are achieving success in their area of expertise. After a crap day this was just what I needed to hear. I think his name is Cordell, but he stood out for me, to the point I thought seriously about chasing my own dreams.

It was a really great event! Well done to the team. I’m looking forward to the live events too."

Melissa Vaughn, Voiceover Artist

"Congrats on a successful inaugural Genesis Sun online presentation! DJ Day Day got the session off to a nice start with his great tunes. I am right behind any platform that is authentically powering forward and offering options to inform, connect and inspire any young people who have experienced exclusion or felt overlooked. It's my pleasure and honour to play a small role in being a small cog that's helping to turn a very important wheel: Genesis Sun. Thanks for choosing my voice to encapsulate your positive, inclusive and forward-thinking goals! "

Ebony Hemmings (Founder/Director Breathe in Media)

"Wow! What an event! When Genesis Sun tells you it’s a, “fusion of motivation and inspiration the event was actually that"! How inspiring it was to have worked with the Founder and CEO Diane Spence who is passionate, determined and actively making a difference to rise the attainment of young black people. There is so much focus on the negative aspects of the black community, it is a relief to be part of a community that focus on inspirational black positive role models, who inspire a next generation, to a brighter future. Well done Genesis Sun! Looking forward to the next chapter x"

Mandy Smith

"I really loved Cordell – he was fantastic.  So relatable to all, old and young.  It was a good mix of speakers, interviews and music.  I can see this going from strength to strength."

Mr BounceMC

"I thought the event was great and really positive, I enjoyed it.  You’ve done a great job."

Isaac Spence

"This first event was extremely inspiring. It is wonderful to watch my mom and everybody at Genesis Sun paving the way to brighter futures and I know only great things are in store."

Ben, Wolves

“A truly amazing evening delivered by Genesis Sun, the participants, guests and parents enjoyed the evening which was delivered spectacularly. Proud to be involved”