This is wonderful programme. I hope it continues to grow and grow and eventually to have Genesis Sun all over the UK. T. Rose, Parent Genesis Sun is a positive influence on my son's life. They are showing him that no matter who you are, you have chance to succeed if you are determined and apply yourself correctly.
Rob, Parent
I cannot praise the programme enough, Genesis Sun has given my son a safe space to explore his ambitions and dreams with his peers and network with professionals. Teaching life skills, employability, history and cultural heritage along the way, as well as having fun. Thank you Genesis Sun for your part in shaping a more confident and conscientious young man. Rachel, parent The first Genesis Sun event was excellent! It was great to see so many inspirational people. I know that Genesis Sun will be beneficial for so many young black people to help them reach their goals. I am excited to see what happens next. Micheal Johnson I really loved Cordell – he was fantastic.  So relatable to all, old and young.  It was a good mix of speakers, interviews and music.  I can see this going from strength to strength. Mandy Smith Testimonials

Yesterday was a great eye-opening experience. I am grateful that I was able to take part in the Genesis Sun Fuelling Aspirations event. The event inspired me and the game helped me and my team improve our problem-solving skills. The music was enjoyable, and the energy was amazing. The anecdote was relatable, so we connected with the host. I am extremely grateful for the iPad even though it was a shocking surprise. I would definitely do it again. TM, Heath Park student "I feel more comfortable and open minded in this environment, the visit from Genesis Sun made me open up."

Nashawn, Coppice School
"This has been a very uplifting and energising event, I was glad I was invited to be a part of it."
Javarni, St Matthias School
"I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and I was glad to have the opportunity to participate in this workshop. I found the motivational speech very inspiring and would like to experience more of this." BH, Heath Park student "My experience was really good, the music and hosts were very friendly and made me feel comfortable in the environment. Cordell Jeffers was very inspirational when he was telling us his backstory and road to success, it made me feel like I could achieve my main goal for when I'm older. Overall, the workshop was really entertaining and engaging due to them letting us play a game to see if we could run our own business. We are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be involved." LW, Heath Park student "We really enjoyed being in a group of people who we could relate to. It was a great morning. Can’t wait for the next session." Roman, Alan, Jaydon, Coppice School Student Testimonials