Your Support Matters

Without your help, Genesis Sun can’t carry out the vital work needed to inspire and encourage young people to achieve their dreams.

Young people who start life at a disadvantage are often unable to afford or access additional education and careers support. There are substantial and growing gaps between disadvantaged students and wealthier peers, with the lack of comprehensive education exacerbating challenges.

In low-income households, it is rare for young people to have parents who work in professional positions, due to educational disparities, spanning several decades.

This can leave young people uninformed about wider career opportunities, reducing aspirations and impacting their potential. Lack of equitable opportunities causes young people to fall behind their peers throughout their lives, which transcends into the
workforce, and can be exacerbated by intersectionality.

Underrepresentation from diverse communities in the UK workforce is prevalent. Your support will help make a lasting difference and provide hope for young people through educational programmes which resonate with this demographic.

All donations have a direct impact on our organisation and help us further our mission.

Attending Genesis Sun events, makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger and something amazing. I feel extremely privileged to be part of a programme where friendships are formed and education is inspiring and entertaining.

Precious, Ascension Participant

If you would like to talk more about how you can support, please speak to Diane Spence, Genesis Sun Founder and CEO by contacting