Advisory Board

We are grateful for the leadership and
support of our Board.

I believe if you can see it, you can be it” and positive role models are key to elevating the ambition and belief of our young generation to strive to be the very best versions of themselves.

- Nick Baxter, Genesis Sun, Advisory Board member

Darren Campbell

Global Head of StartUp Catalyst, Capgemini

I have always had a passion for social equality and have always had an active role in community development initiatives, with a big focus on supporting schools and individuals from economically challenged areas. I truly believe that we need more equality in the World, which is one of Genesis Sun’s ambitions. Our ability to drive growth and progress as a society can also be significantly enhanced if we proactively search for diverse talent, give them access to ‘hidden’ opportunities and ‘polish the abundance of rough diamonds’ that exist.

Capgemini – Get The Future You Want

Nick Baxter

I am incredibly fortunate to possess an extensive and trusted network based on my involvement in rugby and business. Unfortunately, not everyone is. So, at every opportunity I pride myself on seeking ways to champion social equality and raising the profile, access, and education of opportunities across diverse sections of the community. I am incredibly passionate about the great work that Genesis Sun has been conducting across the most diverse communities in the Midlands.

Sacha Morris

Genesis Sun has set out on a mission to empower and inspire the next generation. By connecting young people and showing that together they can achieve greatness, it will invigorate talent to embrace their full potential. I am honoured to be a part of a team of talented individuals who all share a common goal to provide a platform to bring about genuine change with something unique and exciting.

King’s College London

Junior Borland

Discipline, dedication and determination are three important qualities I have practiced throughout my seven-year football career. I have now transferred these qualities into a completely new career direction in property, finance and entrepreneurship. 

Two years of attending property networking events, seminars and getting hands on with renovation projects has opened my eyes to the property world and given me a desire to develop my own portfolio. 

I look forward to contributing my views and experiences as a young person to help inspire the next generation and to support the growth of Genesis Sun. I’m thrilled to be part of this journey.

Bal Lola

Consultant and Transformation Expert

Having grown up in a socio-economically challenged community and developed my career in a predominantly male dominated industry, I know first-hand what the power of representation and access to opportunity means, especially during the years of adolescence and early adulthood. As someone who believes our workplaces should reflect the diversity of our society, it’s a shame that the socio-economic reality of your birth can still influence your access to information, relatable roles models and thus your future career aspirations.
Genesis Sun’s mission to plug this gap head on, targeting young people to develop a diverse range of talent to reduce social disparity, feeds my passion for social change.

Mariyam Harunah

I am passionate about the work Genesis Sun do and would like to see more representation in the legal profession. I joined Genesis Sun to help make the changes needed in this and other underrepresented industry sectors. Social mobility should not just be an aspiration, it is a necessity for the nation’s economic growth and success. The proactive role model and edutainment approach Genesis Sun use is truly inspiring and I’m proud to be part of this innovative work.

Arvind Batra

Social mobility and social justice are the values that are fundamental to a fairer society. Why should any young person be disadvantaged because of where they were born, and who to? We have a duty to support young people to navigate in this world, whether that be as individuals or as businesses and organisations. I am so pleased to be supporting and working with Genesis Sun in their mission to improve life-opportunities for under-represented young people. I would love to see more schools getting involved with everything Genesis Sun has to offer.

Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE

Speaker, Author

I am truly proud to represent as a member on the Genesis Sun board. The modern pedological method being delivered is admirable and it’s wonderful to be part of this pioneering approach which is set to help so many and transform education levels and spirits for under-represented groups.
Some may define me as an edgy keynote speaker in my areas of expertise and passion – namely leadership. My interests centre around amplifying discussions on how a Global Majority mindset can positively disrupt narratives.

Educational Leadership and the Global Majority Decolonising Narratives

Chris Weston

As a business technologist who has worked in many industry sectors over my career, ranging from start-up companies to global corporations. My experience with technology teams has taught me that diversity builds much stronger products, and my work in the criminal justice sector has given me an insight into the damage caused by digital exclusion across many communities. I am proud to sit on the Genesis Sun board and help the team improve the educational and life chances of marginalised groups across the UK.


Andy Holmes

Director, Commercial Services

My varied career background in media and technology has given me first-hand experience of the challenges that Genesis Sun is looking to tackle, and the ways in which they can be confronted. From my early days as a journalist and News Editor, through to my present position of Commercial Director for a global IT business where I have responsibility for the company’s Social Value portfolio, I have a thorough appreciation of how the corporate world can be instrumental in narrowing the digital skills gap and reducing economic inequality.