Edutainment Events

Genesis Sun’s edutainment events deliver a high energy culturally vibrant experience which leave participants feeling inspired, educated and entertained.

Ascension Programme®

Ascension events are delivered throughout the year and feature diverse role model guest speakers which broaden horizons, develop life skills, and increase aspirations in underrepresented industry sectors and areas our young community show an interest in.

The concept brings together an engaging mix of music, education, games and interactive activities, centred around industry themes, and designed to shape and encourage networking with peers and professionals in a safe and uplifting environment.

Because we recognise everyone learns differently, we create joy in learning to cultivate a desire for knowledge.


The Horizons initiative promotes high achieving diverse role models in a variety of industry sectors. Events are ideal for educators who would like to increase cultural capital with their student population and embrace representation and diverse achievements.

Events build student knowledge of the working world, provide a practical hands on experience and complement Gatsby Benchmark targets for schools and career leaders.

Sun Rise

The Sun Rise initiative is a series of engaging, interactive and entertaining emerging technology events designed to attract the younger generation into a future career in technology.

Technology is noted as one of the highest-impact careers enabling the biggest contribution to solving the world’s most pressing problems. Contact Genesis Sun today, to see how we can inspire your students to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Sonny Hanley, Director of ITV Academy

ITV Academy are proud to support Genesis Sun and the incredible work they do to inspire young people.


Genesis Sun’s growth network of diverse mentor’s guide mentees through a process of reflection, questions and feedback to allow the mentee to come to a decision and to support them in working towards their objectives on their life journey.

Research shows that quality mentoring relationships, have powerful positive effects on young people’s personal growth, development, and social and economic opportunity, yet one in three young people grow up without this critical asset and connections needed to prosper.


Here’s what a few of our community who have experienced our services have to say.

The Ascension programme creates a safe, welcoming environment where friendships are formed and history is taught. The programme makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger and something amazing, I feel extremely privileged to attend.

If you see it you can be it. I strongly believe that young people can be inspired to achieve their dreams when they see people in their local community achieving it too. Having a mentoring system like Genisis Sun is the vital reboot our young people need. There is a Jamaican saying “each one teach one” I give back to my young community by sharing my experience and supporting them to get into the creative industries.

They say opportunities don't just happen, you create them and that for me it’s exactly what Genesis Sun continues to achieve through their in-person mentorship evenings. My first experience blew me away. There were over hundred young people and a guest speaker specialising in defamation, it was an inspiring evening for every young person present. Since then, my two daughters now regularly attend choosing to give up their swimming on any nights when Ascension events occur.

True community is based upon equality, mutuality, and reciprocity. It affirms the richness of individual diversity as well as the common human ties that bind us together.

- Pauli Murray