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The Ascension programme supports young black students in state education and encourages self-belief, determination and achievement.


Kyle took the top spot on the leaderboard at the April 2023 Ascension event! Congratulations, Kyle, your reaction was truly priceless ? Keep pushing yourself to reach new heights ? InspireBrighterFutures career training education learning school student knowledge edutainment representationmatters youth young ambition community inspiration diversityandinclusion leadership motivation success

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Historically, underrepresented groups have faced many barriers to achievement.

Today, some of these barriers have been removed and Genesis Sun, along with many other like-minded organisations, are striving to remove those that remain.

It’s important to focus on what we can control, and we aim to show that with encouragement, role models, engaging education and supportive networks there is nothing to stop any young person setting and achieving their goals.

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