Introducing Our Gs

We are your first-level role models.
We stay tuned in with Genesis Sun participants to inspire, encourage, and energise with stories of our journey as young black Britons in today’s society.

A look into Our Gs

Connecting with you.

Who we are

Four young people at different stages of our life’s.

We aspire to be successful in our future chosen careers and endorse the Genesis Sun concept. We believe it will change the futures of so many young, black British people by providing regular inspiration and encouragement and totally support the mission.

What we do

We work with the founder of Genesis Sun to ensure programme components are designed with youth culture in mind and focus on bringing concepts to life for our target audience, we also get involved in the social media aspects of Genesis Sun.

We will alternately write an entry in our diary, monthly to share our hustle and thrive days with you and share a monthly thought.

Check out our diary,  hit us up.

How we do it

Always with positivity, passion and daily gratitude.

We aim to maximise our days and focus on our goals. We recognise making change a reality comes from the actions we take daily.

Monthly Thought

The Importance of Independence

Be strong enough to stand alone,
smart enough to know when you need help
and brave enough to ask for it.