Diane Spence

Genesis Sun Founder and CEO

I am the mother of a teenage son who was focused in primary school but became distracted in secondary school.   Experiencing, what I saw as a rapid shift in my son’s attainment levels and focus in his education, I felt compelled to take action.

I realised that there was a clear disparity in attainment levels between black Caribbean pupils compared to other ethnicity groups. Black Caribbean pupils fall into a group who are least likely to achieve a grade 5 or above in Maths and English. Having this knowledge inspired me to form Genesis Sun and bring about change that is well overdue.

This educational challenge has existed for decades.  It is this, plus the lack of diversity in senior leadership positions which motivated me to form this fabulous social enterprise and to assist with social mobility and change.  I am keen to make a difference through the provision of an educationally entertaining platform where success stories can be shared and to provide black Caribbean pupils’ a more inspiring and brighter future.

Genesis Sun aims to motivate young black people and work with them to unlock their potential, develop their gifts and achieve their goals.  Through our uniquely designed vibrant programme events, we aim to develop talented young leaders of the future by improving life skills and opportunities and addressing diversity in the workforce.


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