Edutainment events

In Q1 2022 we will host monthly role model led educational entertainment programme events which uplift spirits and invigorate the minds of young black people. We are currently developing our unique live game based programme events.

Build knowledge

Our programmes will develop life skills abilities in preparation for future challenges and in readiness for the world of work.  Programmes also provide knowledge of black history, culture and identity.

Inspirational role models

We work with significant high-achieving role models who have the ability to attract, inspire and encourage young people.


Our programmes are designed to accompany young people, aged 13+ through their education, up to the point they start employment.  Genesis Sun will measure future career and personal development.


We aim to work with less advantaged and disengaged young people to provide guidance on future education options, career opportunities and life skills. We will work with schools, parents and guardians to provide support and feedback, whilst developing partnerships to advance inclusivity and positive change.

Digital strategy

We use a combination of in-person experience, digital gamification and incentivisation techniques throughout the month to maximise learning, enjoyment and retention. Our programmes have been designed using modern techniques that resonate with today’s young minds.

Our Gs

The Genesis Sun brand includes Our Gs who are our first level role models.  Our Gs ensure that our programmes remain relevant to our young audience.