Ascension Programme®

Where Education Meets Entertainment

Genesis Sun’s Ascension Programme® is a powerful and memorable way to open up possibilities for young people. 

Innovative events combine inspiration, education and entertainment and bring inspirational speakers and industry to groups of young people in a high energy, culturally vibrant and positive environment. Our ethos is “Create joy in learning, cultivate a desire for knowledge”. We bring learning to life and provide a modern way to inspire young people to aspire, learn and grow.

Raising Aspirations

At the heart of Genesis Sun is the Ascension Programme®

We combine education and entertainment, raise aspirations and elevate the confidence of young people who are underrepresented in industry by introducing relatable role models at engaging events and through role model mentoring.

Programme Design

Originally designed hosted themed Ascension events include a combination of music, inspiration, entertainment, history and life skills. The programme includes gamification and incentivisation to encourage engagement and the desire to learn.

Read our FAQs below to find out more.

The Ascension Programme supports young people who are underrepresented in industry and who come from a lower socio-economic background to support advancements in social mobility.

Programme enrolment is for young people between the age of 15 – 21. Please click here to enrol if you believe we can support you or your child’s future aspirations.

The Ascension Programme provides free education and career support up to the point participants begin full time employment. Genesis Sun continues to monitor personal progress following conclusion of the programme term as part of their alumni.

The Ascension Programme is currently based in the West Midlands.

Ascension events are free to attend.

Genesis Sun provide mentoring and participants will be advised of this service following enrolment. Any questions on this service please see the page here or contact us.

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As you know Genesis Sun considers feedback from our community to be an essential part of our work and we therefore value your views. Which is why we’re delighted you’re completing this short survey and sharing your thoughts on how we continue to make our events bigger and better – it’s a tough challenge we know!

What we Learn with Pleasure we Never Forget

- Alfred Mercier